Welcome to the ScruffTuna Tidal Zone!!!

Now, who IS ScruffTuna?

As ScruffTuna, I'm a 17 year old multimedia artst with my talents going towards art and video game development, all from the good ol' region of southern Pennsylvania. I've been creating games and digital since 2020, starting with simple scribbles and a very simplistic choose-your-own-adventure game to many, MANY more projects that have peaked in my levels of complexity so far as a coder. The main engine I've stuck with the past forever and a half has been Gamemaker Studio 2, although in the past I have dwelled in other engines such as GDevelop and Godot (With all the engines I've used starting with a G for some reason). I've also strived to be a Youtube content creator for quite some time, but I've never seemed to get a fairly decent upload schedule, plus I've been putting my creative energy towards other stuffs so ah well. If anything though, tell Peter Griffin I'll be waiting for him.

My socials include..


Other side-sites that I'll be running off this page:

An Artchive for Myself!

My main interest as the moment being is Pizza Tower, a silly little game about a silly little man that absolutely eats shit in a tower while serving also serving knuckle sandwiches on a fine, silver platter. If you haven't gotten it you should definitely give it a try, it is indeed quite sick as hell.

Oh yeh before I forget, this a small blog I hosted on this site while I got really sick and tired of social media in the summer of '22. It won't be updated, but I'll keep it around here for archival purposes.
Until I update this page again that will be all though. Until that time comes, stay fresh you funny folk!

Still dancing, what a legend.